Street Name/Highway Terminus 1 (South/West) Terminus 2 (North/East)
CTH-A 68th St. WIS-100 Ryan Rd. County Correction Facility
CTH-D Teutonia Ave. CTH-PP Good Hope Rd. CTH-G Sherman Blvd.
CTH-E Silver Spring Dr. 124th St. Grantosa Rd.
CTH-F 107th St. WIS-100 Brown Deer Rd. County Line Rd.
CTH-G Sherman Blvd. CTH-S Mill Rd. WIS-57 Green Bay Rd.
CTH-H Ryan Rd. US-45 WIS-36 Loomis Rd. WIS-100 St. Martin's Rd.
CTH-J Cape Rd. Entire Span of Road In Milwaukee County
CTH-K Old Loomis Rd./
Crystal Ridge Dr.
Entire Span of Road In Milwaukee County
CTH-N 92nd St. WIS-24 Forest Home Ave. CTH-NN Oklahoma Ave.
CTH-S Mill Rd. US-41 US-45 Appleton Ave WIS-57 Green Bay Rd.
CTH-T Beloit Rd. 124th St. CTH-NN Oklahoma Ave.
CTH-U 76th St. Racine County CTH-NN Oklahoma Ave.
CTH-V 13th St. Racine County CTH-ZZ College Ave.
CTH-W Port Washington Rd. Daphne Rd. Ozaukee County
CTH-Y Layton Ave. WIS-100 108th St. WIS-32 Lake Dr.
CTH-BB Rawson Ave. CTH-J N Cape Rd. Pennsylvania Ave.
CTH-EE Hampton Ave. 124th St. 60th St.
CTH-MM St. Martin's Rd. WIS-100 Lover's Lane Rd. CTH-J Cape Rd.
CTH-NN Oklahoma Ave. National Ave. 72nd St. (West Allis City Limits)
CTH-OO Forest Home Ave. Waukesha County US-45 WIS-100 108th St.
CTH-PP Good Hope Rd. 107th St. Port Washington Rd.
CTH-ZZ College Ave. WIS-36 Loomis Rd. WIS-32 S. Chicago Rd./Packard Ave.
Information consolidated from Wisconsin DOT maps