Highway / Street Name(s) Terminus 1 (South/West) Terminus 2 (North/East)
WIS-24 Forest Home Ave.
Janesville Rd.
Waukesha county WIS-241 27th St.
WIS-32 S. Chicago Ave.*
10th Ave.
N. Chicago Ave.*
S. Lake Dr.*
Kinnic Kinnic Pkwy.
1st St.*
Milwaukee St.*
Prospect Ave. (N) / Farwell Ave. (S)
N. Lake Dr.
Brown Deer Rd.
North-South Freeway (with I-43)
Travels through county
WIS-36 Loomis Rd. Waukesha county WIS-241 27th St.
WIS-38 Howell Ave.
Chase Ave.
6th St.
Racine county WIS-59 National Ave.
WIS-57 Layton Blvd.
27th St.*
20th St.*
Green Bay Rd.
WIS-59 National Ave. Ozaukee county
WIS-59 National Ave.
Greenfield Ave.
Waukesha county WIS-32 1st St.
WIS-100 Ryan Rd.
St. Martin's Rd.
Lovers Lane Rd.
108th St.
Mayfair Rd.*
Brown Deer Rd.
WIS-32 S. Chicago Ave. I-43 & Brown Deer Rd. at WIS-32 (Exit 82 A&B)
WIS-119 Airport Spur I-94 (Exit 318) WIS-38 Howell Ave.
WIS-145 6th St.*
Fond du Lac Ave.
Fond du Lac Freeway
124th St.
Wells St.
Waukesha county
WIS-175 Appleton Ave. US-41 US-45 (Exit 47A) Waukesha county
WIS-181 84th St.
Glenview Ave.*
Wauwatosa Ave.
76th St.
WIS-59 Greenfield Ave. Ozaukee county
WIS-190 Capitol Dr. Waukesha county WIS-32 Lake Dr.
WIS-241 27th St. I-94 (Exit 325) WIS-24 Forest Home Ave.
WIS-341 Miller Park Way (unsigned) WIS-59 National Ave. I-94 (Exit 308B)
WIS-794 Lake Parkway
Pennsylvania Ave.
CTH-ZZ College Ave. I-794 (at Exit 3)
  • Information consolidated from Wisconsin DOT maps
  • * = Connecting street(s) running less than a mile between this street and the following street are not listed.